Veritas vCloud

vCloud enables our customers to recover anything from a file to full production-data instantly, with up to 80% cost savings.

vCloud eliminates siloed data protection systems; virtualising data management to deliver an application-centric, SLA-driven solution that decouples the management of data from storage, network and server infrastructure.

This can liberate IT organisations of all sizes from vendor lock-in and the management challenges associated with exploding data growth.

Business Features on your Mobile

UC-One offers tons of advanced voice features such as auto attendant, hunt groups, call recording, visual voice mail, one number service and more – letting even the smallest business have access to the most sophisticated services, even from mobiles.

Organize your Workflow

Be better prepared with UC-One Hub, which gives you a single interface on your desktop that, integrates all your favorite apps in one place. All your communication, notifications, calendars, email, drives and more right in front of you – PLUS contextual search to find relevant info fast!

Create Your Own Room

Pop into your ‘always on’ virtual meeting room at any time, a secure place called My Room, where you can invite both colleagues and guests to join in for interactive video, chat and desktop sharing, from their browser or phone.

Take the Office With You

Move freely between desk phones, smartphones, laptops and tablets – with UC-One, you can access your corporate directory from any device for immediate calling, messaging, conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing and more.

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Work the way you want, where you want


Gone are the days when we just sit at a desk in an office with a landline and a computer.

We need powerful tools to keep pace with our fast-paced world, but we’re starting to be overwhelmed with too many workplace apps that don’t even talk to each other.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single, integrated business communications solution that vastly improves your daily workflow, and works from wherever you happen to be?

Welcome to UC-One!


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Welcome to UCOne

UC-One is our suite of cloud communications and collaboration solutions that provide integrated business phone services, messaging and presence, audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, virtual meeting rooms and more.

This new way of working frees up your business from the constraints of physical locations, giving everyone – including guests – a fast and easy way to get business done from desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Spend less time trying to connect, and more time communicating with UC-One!


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We have the apps to meet your needs

UC-One provides a range of different mobile applications that work seamlessly across your devices, each optimized to provide the specific experience that meets your needs.

All the apps use the same identifier – your business number – keeping you in sync no matter which app you use and what device you are using.

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Connect all sites, users and mobile workers with one system
All sites, users and mobile workers connect to one system to access the same call routing, settings and features.

Multiple sites are connected efficiently, enabling users and mobile workers to easily communicate. With no need for onsite equipment, remote workers at different sites can be added as needed.

Hosted telephony gives all users the experience of being in the same office, meaning that users can be in the same calling group or department regardless of their location. All users have equal access to every feature, such as voicemail and call recording. The administration of this stays simple, with everything easily controlled from one web-based portal.
Enable mobile working on your phone system
Mobilise your workforce with VoIP-enabled apps for smartphones, tablets and laptops.

These mobile apps remove the need for fixed handsets while keeping users productive beyond the office boundaries. Staff remain focused without the hassle of installing complex and unreliable technology in different locations or at home.

Mobile users receive the same functionality as office-based workers, with customers experiencing no difference in service, they are simply dialling the same number allowing staff to respond immediately. This is all possible on one system, removing the hassle of managing multiple solutions from different suppliers.
Easy to make changes
Making changes is made easy as handsets can be reassigned simply from a web-based portal, and users can instantly make their own changes through simple applications.

Users become more productive by easily diverting calls, making multiple phones ring or initiating out of office status without the need of involving a member of IT. Time is saved by reducing the need to be on site to update or change handsets, which ensures you can redeploy or restructure your phone system when the business requires.

It becomes easy and efficient to manage all users, handsets and offices, with no cost or expertise required to perform these moves, additions or changes. These benefits compare to traditional solutions that require additional onsite equipment, maintenance contracts and specialist knowledge to make any changes.
Call routing to the right users
Easily route calls to users using distributed calling groups or automated phone menus.

Calls are answered promptly using effective routing, offering greater customer image combined with automated call distribution that ensures that users don’t waste any time rerouting calls. This is fully scalable, as call groups can have unlimited users and with as many levels of automated menus as are needed.

Automated menus allow callers to choose the right department (e.g. press one for sales, two for support…) and call groups ensure that callers dial one number and their call is distributed across multiple users ringing all at once or sequentially.

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Future-proof your phone system
Cloud-based configuration settings, hardware and software automatically update with new features becoming instantly available to you.

Time is not spent initiating upgrades, updating software or adjusting configuration settings. Your phone system scales without serious investment required to modify or expand onsite equipment. With the latest features, your business achieves a professional and competitive image.

Your telephone system is always up to date, without expensive maintenance contracts or being left with obsolete equipment when needing to access new functionality. You keep ahead of competitors by delivering great customer service and company efficiency.
Relocate as needed
Hosted telephony isn’t fixed to a single location so if your business needs to relocate, cloud-based configuration  ensures moving handsets or redirecting calls is simple.

When your office becomes too small, your phone system moves with you, no longer hindering plans for growth. Users can make calls instantly from a new office, either through moving their phone or using an application on a  smartphone, tablet or computer as a handset. This ensures that during an office move or a disaster employees can remain productive.

Hosted business telephones are incredibly flexible and during short-term disasters or long term relocations your business can continue to operate seamlessly. Your phone number moves with your telephony system, meaning customers keep using the same number to contact you and marketing collateral doesn’t need to change; all free of charge and simple to perform.
Scalable and flexible telephony system
Hosted telephony makes it easy for you to add or remove users, features or handsets offering you different licence types for varying levels of functionality.

This scalability ensures your telephony solution grows with your business, giving you the flexibility when choosing the right functionality and features that suit your business. As users only get the functionality they need, the solution is cost efficient and employees remain productive.

This results in a telephone system that compliments your business, allowing you to easily grow in the future.
Cloud configured for efficient deployment and management
Handsets setup automatically once plugged into an internet connection, due to the cloud configuration. This offers easy provisioning and redeployment.

System deployments are hassle free and calls can be made instantly. No physical changes are required to assign voicemail or call recording. Entire phone systems can be restructured, remotely making changes to the handsets, calling groups and auto attendants.

IT administrators spend less time chasing assets and more time effectively managing them. The need for outsourced specialists is removed as no complex changes are required on site. Your business adapts easily to changes in size, as it is simple to add an extra preconfigured handset or to deploy a VoIP enabled smartphone application.
Make concurrent calls on one data line
Hosted VoIP uses the internet to make and receive concurrent phone calls on one data line.

Multiple users make and receive calls on one data line and new users’ handsets connect to the same line as required. The ability to make and receive concurrent calls removes the necessity to install multiple phone lines for extra users and the setup time for new users to start calling is vastly reduced.

Cloud Direct can work with you to review your connectivity, providing you with higher redundancy, traffic assurance and business continuity solutions.

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